Introducing the Port City Gift Swap

Portland Buy Local introduces the first-ever Port City Gift Swap, a city-wide local gift exchange, open to all residents (18+) of the greater Portland area. 

We partnered with Knack Factory, Black Owned Maine, and Portland Downtown to create the Gift Swap and bring our community excitement and joy during this difficult time – and to help support the local businesses that need us now more than ever!

How It Works:

Sign up by Wednesday, December 16th and you’ll be randomly assigned to get a local gift for another gift swapper.

We’ll email you that week with the name and preferences of the person you’ve been randomly assigned to get a gift for.

You’ll have until January 15th to get a local gift and bring it to a designated local business drop off spot. Make sure to let us know when you’ve dropped it off so we can alert your giftee to pick it up!

You’ll get an email when your gift is ready for pickup, too!

Feeling extra generous? Donate to our community gift and meal fund, which will be used to purchase gifts and meals from local businesses for community members in need.

We are suggesting gifts of about $25.


Sign up by December 16th.

Enter a little bit about yourself to help your match give you a thoughtful local gift.


After sign up closes, you’ll be randomly assigned to give a gift to someone else who has signed up. 

choose A GIFT

Review your Giftee’s likes and hobbies, then head to a local business (online or in person) to get them the perfect gift! 

drop it off

Between 12/18 and 1/15, bring your Giftee’s gift to a designated local business drop off spot. 

confirm drop off


As soon as you’ve dropped off your gift, make sure to click the link in your email to confirm you have dropped it off.

pick up your gift

You’ll get an email when your gift is ready for pickup. Then you can thank your Secret Sender online using the hashtag #PortCityGiftSwap

Why Buy Local?

When you shop at a locally owned, independent business, 76% more of your money stays right here in Portland.

If everyone in Cumberland County shifted just 10% of their shopping to locally owned businesses, it would generate an additional $127 million in local economic activity, and generate an additional 874 jobs.

A community’s level of social capital, civic engagement, and well-being is positively related to the share of its economy held by local businesses, while the presence of mega-retailers … undermines social capital and civic participation. 

Get inspired – start here to find a local business!


is a project of Portland Buy Local, in partnership with Knack Factory and Black Owned Maine. 

Portland photos courtesy of Corey Templeton, and Convinced Photography via Portland Downtown